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 Peace in the Puzzle
                                     Becoming your Intended Self
Susan Myhre Hayes
Perhaps the change you desire is a different job or a new career. Could be you have decided to finally finish that novel. Maybe you are considering ramping up your volunteerism. Are you seeking a partner or to expand your support system? Perhaps you are in a Fellowship and wondering what your next steps will be. Or, maybe you just know you want something different in your life but don’t know what it is or how to get it.

 The circumstances that draw someone to coaching are varied and limitless, but no matter what specifically attracted you the ultimate goal is the same—to find what you born to do with this precious life of yours.

Because you are unique, your path during coaching will be unique and tailored to your specific needs and goals. Using the tools in Peace in the Puzzle: Becoming Your Intended Self, coaching begins with finding and clarifying your purpose, so together we can develop goals that align with that purpose and action plans to reach those goals. With Susan as your accountability and feedback partner, together we will identify and overcome roadblocks and harness the power of your mind, on the way to becoming your intended self.

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Personal Coaching may be for you!
I had the privilege of Susan being my executive coach during my Bush Fellowship. She is a skilled and thoughtful coach who guided me through professional opportunities and challenges during the fellowship, and was instrumental in helping me get greater clarity about my purpose and align that with my work. I can't recommend her enough!

Martin Wera 
Senior Director Community Relations Amerprise 

For change to be  meaningful,                                                        
it needs  to start from  the inside.